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Privacy policy

The following privacy policy defines what kind of information can be gathered about the user of following website and how it can be used. It also defines the basic principles of personal data protection that are valid in By The Sea Lodges and the rules for storing and accessing the information stored on the devices of user by using Cookies.

By The Sea Lodges undertakes not to transfer or sell any information, including personal data (also e-mail addresses) to any third party. By The Sea Lodges declares that all messages sent electronically are kept confidential. All of the information, including the personal data, are used by By The Sea Lodges only in order to provide services offered on the website.


  1. BY THE SEA LODGES - the company located in Wrzosowo bn, 72-400 Wrzosowo near Dziwnówek NIP: 986-00-55-488,  REGON number: ..........................................., that provides the service through the owned website.

  2. COOKIES - computer data, especially small text files, that are saved and stored on the device on which the user uses the website.

  3. WEBSITE - web page or an application through which the services are provided to user electronically.

  4. DEVICE - device through which the user gains access to the website.

  5. USER- the subject that uses the services provided through the website.


  1. By The Sea Lodges declares that it is using Cookies and similar technologies in order to store data and to gain access to data stored on the user's device, through which he or she is using the website.

  2. Cookies used by By The Sea Lodges are safe for the user's device- they are not viruses or unwanted software. The mechanism of Cookies does not to allow to download any personal details or confidential information from the user's device.

  3. Cookie files allow to personalize the website to the individual needs of the user. Cookies contain the name of the domain from which they come, information about how long they will be stored on the device and their assigned value.

  4. The type and durability of cookies used by By The Sea Lodges depends on the specificity of the given website and services provided by that website.

  5. Considering how long Cookie file will be stored on the device, the Cookie files used on our website can be divided to:

a) Session Cookies: are stored on the user's device and they stay there until the end of the session of given web browser. Saved information are permanently removed from the memory of the device.
b) Persistent Cookies: are stored on the user's device and they stay there until they are removed or expired. Ending the session of given web browser or turning off the device will not remove them from the memory of the device.

  1. Considering where they are coming from, the Cookies used on our website can be divided to:

a) First-party Cookies: placed on the website directly by By The Sea Lodges;
b) Second-party Cookies: placed on the website by the external parties, whose web pages components' were called by By The Sea Lodges (e.g. Google Analytics, Facebook etc.)


  1. By The Sea Lodges is using Cookies:

b) to create anonymous statistics that how the visitors of
a) to configure the website- especially to optimize it and to personalize content or features of the website to user's preferences; 
website) to gather the information about the source from which the user came to our website (e.g. web banner displayed on the website
are using it. Such statistics help to improve the content and structure of the website;


third) to personalize the services presented
party, Google Adwords etc.); 
on the website;
e) to provide the safety and reliability of our website. allow to

  1. Using the Cookies to store the information or to gain access to information stored on the user's device through which he or she is using the website is allowed only if user gave prior permission for such action.

  2. Permission mentioned in section 8 can be granted by the user of the website through the settings of software used by he or she to visit the website, for example through the settings of web browser used by the user.

  3. User of the website can deny or withdraw previously given permission by changing the proper settings of the software that he or she is using to visit our website.

  4. In many cases, default options of software that enables using the website (such as web browsers), allows operating and storing Cookie files on the user's device.  

  5. If the user of website will allow the options of the software that he or she is using to enable operating Cookie files, it will mean that he or she gives permission to use Cookies by the website in the scope defined by this privacy policy, as provided for in article 173, passage 2 of act from 16 July 2004, Telecommunication Law. In such case, By The Sea Lodges will be allowed to use Cookie files and similar technologies to store information or to gain access to information stored on the device.

  6. By The Sea Lodges informs that disabling Cookie files by the user of the website can cause difficulties in using some features of the website.


  1. By The Sea Lodges informs that while using the website various information can be gathered automatically. Those information include : IP address, type of web browser, type of operating system, etc. Those information can be used to analyse the website's users behaviour or to personalize the content of the website. Users of resources are registered by the statistic system in order to monitor the website traffic and the viewing of sites. The information on visitors is used only for the own purposes of By The Sea Lodges.

  2. Personal data of users gathered by making the reservation are used only for purposes related with realization the services offered on website and to fulfil the commitments arising from the law in force. In case of filling the contact form by the user, By The Sea Lodges collects the personal details that are required to contact the client back. Personal details collected during the correspondence will be used by By The Sea Lodges only to give reply. The user submits the personal details voluntarily.

  3. By The Sea Lodges pays great attention to security of collected data and privacy of users and declares that it is using the proper safety procedures that protect the personal details from the access of unauthorized persons, from taking them by the unauthorized person, from processing them with violation of law and to prevent them from being damaged, lost, changed or destroyed.

  4. User data are processed as required by law, in particular in accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data ("Act") and its implementing legislation.

  5. All data and information provided by the users are protected with the use of latest technologies and in accordance with the applicable legal standards, security requirements and rules of confidentiality All personal details transferred from the device to the website are secured with the use of cryptographic technologies (e.g.: Secure Sockets Layer protocol - SSL or Transport Layer Security - TLS)

  6. In case in which By The Sea Lodges is providing services through the website, their realization is performed in accordance with the requirements of Act of July 18, 2002 on providing services electronically, especially in accordance to its' reservations concerning the transfer of commercial information with the use of personal details given by the users of the website. Service is provided also in accordance with legal regulations related to the specific service.


  1.  By The Sea Lodges does not send any unsolicited commercial information to the users.

  2. Personal data will be used to send commercial information of By The Sea Lodges and it's business partners only if the user will allow using his or hers personal details for marketing purposes or using his or her device for direct marketing purposes.

  3. By The Sea Lodges respects legal requirements related with sending commercial information, especially the Act of July 18, 2002 on providing services electronically.

  4. By The Sea Lodges respects the requirement of acquiring the prior permission of the user for transferring the commercial information of By The Sea Lodges (or its business partners) to the user's device (according to article 172 of Act from July 2014, Telecommunication Law).

By The Sea Lodges reserves the right to make changes or additions to this privacy policy. Any changes will be published on the website, in PRIVACY POLICY section. By using the By The Sea Lodges website, the user accepts policy mentioned above.



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