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People with passion at By The Sea Lodges.

By The Sea Lodges is being visited by fantastic people coming from different parts of the World. People with passion to watersports like windsurfing, kitesurfing or cycling, families with kids coming for holiday, group of friends or couples looking for the city breaks.

Few weeks ago we had a pleasure to host a group of friends from Germany, Christian, Karolin, Nastya, Elias and Stefan. People with great passion to photography. We spend some fantastic moments together, which have been captured on the Vlog made by Christian. Its worth to follow these lovely people on Instagram where you can get an inspirations. @ christian.mate.grab @ karolinkruczek @ eliasdiebold @msnastjanastya @ stefanveres

Thank you for visiting us!


Marek Magda & Dawidek

#Baltic #sea #beach #hoiday #videooftheday #nature #filmmaking #photography

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